UX Designer

I design deep and wide, digital and analog, hi-fi and lo-fi, big picture and pixel-perfect. My intense curiosity fuels my values and drives me to examine myself, learn alongside others, and share what I've learned.

Schedule Car Service In 3 minutes Via Text

Supporting Ford's Dealer Service Centers amidst COV19 Shelter-in-Place by giving people the ability to schedule service for their car in 3 minutes via text––in their own time and at their convenience

Service Design, Business
Trust your Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Interface
Helping new Ford-owners confidently trust their semi-autonomous vehicle by prioritizing features in the design of a multimodal car dashboard interface (screens, analog knobs, audio, etc)
UX/UI Design, Rapid Prototyping, UX Research
Support Women Speakers And Organizers

Gaining gender parity in Design Conference speaker lineups by redesigning the Women Talk Design LLC Website to better serve both conference organizers + women speakers

Website Redesign, UX Research, Content Strategy, Diversity

“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

I'm curious about all kinds of interfaces––products, experiences, and people too. This has led me to work on diverse subject matter and projects (mobile/web, Community-building, Digital Assistants, Autonomous Vehicles, and more). This world is full of people just living life––I'm interested in helping people along their journey, and collaborating with others to create meaningful interactions and to build community . . . always giving back more than I've received.

Women Talk Design LLC
UX Design Intern
June — Sept 2017
Indi Young
Design Intern
Oct 2017— Oct 2019
UX/UI Designer
Oct 2021 — present
Ford X, Palo Alto
UX Designer-Researcher
May 2018 — present

Passion Projects

Boba Master

The perfect app for the budding Boba Master (Mission: boba group orders)

UX/UI Design, Design Exercise

Passion Project: Visual notetaking for conferences, lectures, and sermons

Visual Notetaking, Mnemonic Devices

Passion Project: A few friends, a crazy idea, and a digital campus

UX Design, Community Building